Other Designs

Screenshot (click on picture) Client Description

This is a gold package website. Users can purchase products and donate money through the website. The website also includes a front animation slide show. CMS is also built in allowing the client to add content. This is a non-profit organization website for rescuing animals. The client can log in and add pictures and content of available animals at will. They can also add sponsor images and advertising to the website.

Child Health and Safety Magazine

This is a gold package website. This website relies heavily on CMS. The client wanted to be able to write articles and when saved, have it go to its respected category. The Article Categories are placed neatly in a block of the Mega Menu. The client also wanted to be able to control some of the content on the site. A custom menu was built that only the client has access to when logging into the site. A custom form was built to gather customer information and in turn offer a free pdf article. This website also features Amazon store integration and a live twitter feed at the bottom.


This is a silver package website. This website relied on heavy social networking features such as blogs, custom user profiles, and an internal messaging system.

Lamb's House of Grace

This is a custom bronze website package. The website is a non-profit organization. The website includes simple content, a few pictures and the standard built in contact form.

Old Town Rentals

This is a bronze package website. The website features a simple front photo slideshow and contact form. The content on the front page is a basic simple layout that describes everything the company offers.

Video Game Nights

This is a silver package website. The website was designed for video gamers to meet online and play in their choice of an interactive game. Blogging integration and an Event Calendar integration was essential.